Why Hire an Elder Law Attorney?

Elder law attorneys, with expertise in estate planning, incapacity planning, and end-of-life care for seniors, are essential in working to protect a vulnerable population.

Resources to Help With End-of-Life Care

Over the past few years, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic, we have all been reminded about life’s fragility. When you are faced with addressing end-of-life care, knowing where to turn for the answers your family needs can be overwhelming.

Introduction to Retirement Planning

Retirement has changed radically over the last several decades in America. Years ago, when you expected to work most of your life for a single, large employer, you could count on a pension. 

Estate Planning for Your Digital Legacy

Estate planning for your digital legacy is a consideration many overlook but is becoming increasingly more important. Arranging what happens to your digital assets and information when you pass away has become an increasingly essential component of financial literacy — and comprehensive estate planning. According to Pew Research, the number of adults in the United States … Read more

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